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Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is
who you are.
-Chinese proverb


Integral Forest Bathing represents an emerging body of work from guide and author, Ben Page. This work includes the facilitation of the Japanese-inspired health and wellness practice Shinrin Yoku, as well as more in-depth courses of study that have grown from Page’s unique interpretation of the practice.

Page’s interpretation of Forest Bathing combines somatic and contemplative experiences in order to explore the question of what it means to be alive and in relationship with the more-than-human-world.


Integral Forest Bathing invites participants into a process of self-discovery that aims to reconcile the separation between who we think we are and what we naturally are.


Drawing from the wisdom of the natural world, depth psychology, somatic theory, as well as Taoist and Zen philosophy, Integral Forest Bathing is a journey towards the heart of being in search of spontaneity, harmony, paradox and ordinariness. 

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Finding Yourself in Nature: Finding Nature in Yourself


“What is the experience of being alive?”


Beyond human-centric ideas of meaning-making and ego development, this course invites us to wander deeper into the forests of our hearts to uncover that ecological identity that we were born with but often lose access to. Combining nature immersion, contemplative journaling, expressive arts, somatic techniques, storytelling and original materials from course creator, Ben Page, this journey is an opportunity for participants to engage a self-directed process to remember the inner nature that flows through all beings.


Click here for more information or to register for this course. 


Befriending Nature Audio Meditations

In these 5 audio meditations, Ben will guide you into sensory practices to cultivate relationships with trees, rocks, sky, waters and flowers. These are free and best listened to outside while in the presence of those beings.

Available through Awe App. Click here to find out more and if you want to listen, simply download the free app.


Ben Page’s book, Healing Trees: Your Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing, is now available through Amazon and Simon & Schuster.

Healing Trees: Your Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing is an introduction to the practice of Forest Bathing as interpreted by Ben Page. Part spiritual guide and part practitioner’s handbook, this accessible, practical, positivity-rich book is designed to be taken on every walk to encourage mindfulness, contentedness, and presence in the moment. This book combines practical exercises with illuminating commentary and contains beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of forest scenes. 

Tropical Leaves
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 Forest Therapy Guide Training

Ben also trains Forest Therapy Guides through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.​ The training involves a 6-month remote learning journey where future guides meet weekly as a cohort with the support of trainers and ends with a 4-day in-person immersion. Ben's current trainings are:

Wild Tulip (begins November 20, 2021)

Hedgehog (begins Jan 26, 2022)

Bluebird (begins June 18, 2022)


Experience the practice of Forest Bathing with Ben Page at locations in Southern California, including the full moon walks at the LA Arboretum and the oceanside sunset walks in Malibu. All public walks and links to registration can be found on Ben's ForestBathingFinder guide profile

For quotes on private walks, please email Ben directly.

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Ben Page is a Forest Bathing Guide, global advocate for the practice and the author of Healing Trees: A Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing. He is the founder of Shinrin Yoku LA and Integral Forest Bathing and has been guiding Forest Bathing walks since 2015. During his tenure as a trainer and mentor of guides, Ben has trained hundreds of guides around the world. From 2017-2020, he served as the Director of Training for the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, specializing in curriculum and pedagogical design. Since his practice began, Ben has been featured in such publications as Women’s Health, USA TODAY, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, and WebMD. Ben is also a co-founder of The Open School, Southern California’s only free democratic school. He holds a B.A. in religious studies from Carleton College and an M.A. in human development and social change from Pacific Oaks College. 

Tropical Leaves


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